October was the sixth month in a row of the warmest temperatures ever recorded.  That's according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  And El Nino is not fully to blame. Greenhouse gas emissions are a big part of the problem.  Researchers at Virginia Tech and Sweet Briar College are working on ways to remove more of it from the air.

Here's how Thomas O'Halloran explains the difference between weather and climate: "The weather tells you what you need to wear today and climate tells you what should be in your closet."

McAuliffe May Approve Transfer of German Convict

Nov 21, 2015
Jens Soering

Virginia’s parole  board has, again, refused to release a German man who’s been locked up in state prisons for nearly 30 years.  Jens Soering was convicted of killing his girlfriend’s parents while he and Elizabeth Haysom were students at the University of Virginia.   He maintains he is innocent, and supporters are asking Governor Terry McAuliffe to send Soering back to Germany.  Sandy Hausman has details.   

After globe-spanning backlash for releasing a letter invoking the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II in order to keep Syrian refugees out of the region, Roanoke Mayor David Bowers has apologized.

Mayor David Bowers says he stands by his statement calling to suspend the relocation of Syrian Refugees to the Roanoke Valley.  His referencing of the internment of Japanese Americans following the bombing of Pearl Harbor as justification, however, he apologized for:

Swim for Life

Nov 20, 2015
Swim for Life

For years, Charlottesville has debated whether to let the YMCA build in its main city park.  A private health club took the city to court, arguing the proposed deal to lease land for a dollar-a-year created unfair competition.  A judge ruled otherwise, and last week city council voted 3-2 to let construction begin.  The decision came after some citizens made a surprising argument.  Thousands of kids could drown, because they don’t know how to swim.

The Virginia Attorney General's Office is developing a plan to increase
diversity in police departments around the state beginning with a pilot
program in Danville and Martinsville.

Attorney General Mark Herring came here to the Bible Way Cathedral in Danville to launch the first phase of the minority recruitment program, which will be implemented in three steps.