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The hemp plant is one of the oldest, cultivated crops on the planet, dating back at least 8 centuries. But it’s illegal to grow hemp in the United States, where it is classified as a schedule one drug, because it’s a relative of the marijuana plant. Now for the first time in more than a century, it is being grown here, but only by scientists, testing it under a government program. 

Michael Pope

Faith leaders from across Virginia are joining forces with religious figures from around the country to press federal regulators to take action against predatory lending. The move comes in reaction to a new federal rule designed to protect consumers. 

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The old saying goes that there are only two things certain in the world, death and taxes. However, that’s not necessarily true for the short-term rental market.

Pamela D'Angelo

Scientists know more about the blue crab than just about any other species in the Chesapeake Bay. So when millions of young crabs vanished in 2012, scientists became detectives, searching for clues.

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Stories of shootings involving police and the public are often in the news, but officials in Virginia are hoping to prevent them here. Attorney General Mark Herring traveled more than 2,500 this summer to meet with law enforcement and community leaders in 22 cities.  Now, the governor is planning his own listening tours, beginning tomorrow in Richmond.