A New Roadblock for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Jun 22, 2017
Southern Environmental Law Center

Environmentalists are putting up a new roadblock to try and stop the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. The Southern Environmental Law Center is asking Washington to take a closer look at whether it’s actually needed and who its customers will be. Sandy Hausman explains.

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Those Chesapeake Bay blue crabs spread across your picnic table or served up as crab cakes are the result of a hard working waterman. What you may not know, it's also because of science. State fisheries managers closely monitor the population and adjust harvests throughout season. 

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With opioid abuse on the rise in much of Virginia, one of the hardest hit cities is Danville where the addiction rate is 25-percent higher than the statewide average. While opioid addiction has some things in common with other addictions there are also significant differences. 

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As the investigation into Russia’s involvement into last year’s election grows in Washington, members of the White House staff are lawyering up. That includes Vice President Mike Pence, who is now represented by a former attorney general of Virginia. 

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After school lets out, lots of children in Southwest Virginia can’t access the free and reduced lunches their families rely on.

A new food truck program is taking those same healthy meals to the kids this summer.