Anti-Terrorist Art Unveiled in Virginia Countryside

May 18, 2016
Virginia Center for the Creative Arts

Tyro, Virginia is a tiny town in Nelson County, founded before the Civil War by the Massie family, which built a mill there and a mansion known as Pharsalia (far-SAIL-ee-uh).  It might seem like an odd place for the international debut of art created to challenge terrorists, but the Virginia Center for Creative Arts made it happen as Sandy Hausman reports.

Big Craft Beer: Good for the Local Guys?

May 18, 2016
Mallory Noe-Payne/WVTF

Been out to a bar lately? Chances are you had more beer choices than you used to. That’s a sign of the Virginia's growing craft beer economy.

The number of breweries in the Commonwealth has almost tripled in the past three years. But that market looks set to change even more, as large out-of-state companies move in.

On opening day, Stone Brewing’s new tasting room in Richmond was filled with people, beer, and enthusiasm.

Tom Woodward/Creative Commons

When members of the General Assembly convened in January, they were considering more than a dozen bills aimed at cracking down on the car-title lending industry. All of those efforts were scrapped, though, when lawmakers decided against passing legislation and instead asked the state regulator to take action. Now new campaign finance numbers that show what was happening behind the scenes.

Kroger Workers May Take Strike Vote

May 16, 2016

About 3,000 employees of Kroger could be on strike later this week after union leaders voted unanimously to reject the latest contract offer from the grocery store chain.  As Sandy Hausman reports, workers want a bigger raise, paid sick and personal days and insurance coverage for retirees.

Local Governments: Budget Basics

May 16, 2016

Across Virginia, local governments are balancing their books any way they can. Some are raising taxes on hotel guests. Others are increasing the cost of street parking. 

Let’s start with the good news. The state of Virginia’s economy is strong. Here’s how Steven Fuller at George Mason University’s Center for Regional Analysis describes it:

“Virginia has, over the last two years, gone from zero growth — no job growth at all to early 2014 — to the strongest job growth in any twelve month period in more than ten years."