UVA President Catches Heat Over Latest Protest

Sep 14, 2017
Eze Amos

University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan is taking heat today for two different e-mails she sent yesterday.  One went to students, faculty and staff, while the other was sent to donors and alumni.  Sandy Hausman reports the latest chapter of Charlottesville’s on-going summer of unrest.

Bay's Osprey Population in Decline... Again

Sep 14, 2017
Reese Lukei

The Chesapeake Bay is host to the largest breeding population of osprey in the world. They tell us when spring is here and give us clues about the bay's health. Now, as osprey begin their annual migration to Central and South America, biologists say there’s been a decline in population during the last few years.

Protesters Cover Jefferson Statue at UVA

Sep 13, 2017
Eze Amos

The University of Virginia’s president had a strong reaction to Tuesday night’s action by dozens of students and faculty members who covered a statue of Thomas Jefferson, calling him a racist and a rapist.  

Nick Gilmore / RADIO IQ

The Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley Pipeline projects continue to draw harsh criticism from environmentalists and those who question potential impacts on water quality. A number of protestors from the faith community voiced their concerns in Roanoke Wednesday.

The latest round of Census numbers includes some positive news about health insurance in Virginia. Those gains are threatened by uncertainty in Washington, though.