Gun violence is back in the news this week. It’s also a topic that lawmakers in Richmond are debating.

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The chances for Medicaid expansion in Virginia crept up Thursday when a key Republican lawmaker from Southwest Virginia announced his support for the plan.


Terry Kilgore is a prominent conservative in Virginia politics.  Speaking on the John Fredericks Show, he says he now supports expanding the health insurance program for the poor, known as  Medicaid, if Virginia includes work requirements.


Tax season is a time for financial reckoning;  An opportunity to understand where you money goes and to consider how you manage it.  But for a lot of people, it just seems too complicated, even scary.  An accounting professor at Radford University says that has to change because understanding your personal finances can make a huge different to your pocketbook over time.

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The future is now. Or at least that’s what some lawmakers in Richmond say.

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Heading into this year’s General Assembly Republicans had been battered at the polls. They were clinging to a single-vote majority that they won by by the luck of the draw. Now, one month in, Republican Speaker of the House Kirk Cox is upbeat.