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The long-running legal battle involving bonds issued by the City of Buena Vista and the company that insures those bonds has taken a new turn.

Virginia Readies to Take Guns from Abusers

Jun 22, 2016
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As Congress struggles to make any headway on gun control, Virginia is set to implement a new set of gun regulation.

In 2014, 66 people in the state were killed by a spouse or partner, using a firearm. One new measure seeks to lower that number. 

The new law, touted as an important step for bipartisan gun control, prohibits individuals who have permanent protective orders from possessing a firearm.

Brian Moran, Virginia’s Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security, explains.

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You can tell a lot about a culture from its cuisine: what it values, what challenges it faces. In Appalachia, where people have lived off the land for centuries, it was common practice to ‘eat local’ way before that was cool. Now that the rest of the world is trying to do the same, people are looking anew at this region’s cooking. Instead of seeing it as a food of poverty, some are suggesting it’s an undiscovered gem in American regional cooking.

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A new report shows that while Virginia is making improvements for its children in education and health, other areas such as economic well-being continue to falter.

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Is corporate America too focused on the short term? Virginia Senator Mark Warner thinks so, and he’s hoping the Federal Reserve is keeping an eye on the trend.