NOAA's Newest Smart Buoy Deployed in the York River

Jul 20, 2016

Scientists, anglers, weather watchers and boaters just got a boost yesterday when a NOAA Chesapeake Bay smart buoy was deployed at the mouth of the York River.

It has been a year since leadership changed at Sweet Briar College in Amherst County. In a dramatic reversal of the previous leadership, the current team has brought the school back from the brink of closure to another year of growth and security.

Teresa Tomlinson, Sweet Briar class of 1987, is chair of the Sweet Briar College Board of Directors and mayor of Columbus, GA. That's where she joined us from by phone.


Ex-Felons Pin Voting Hopes on VA Supreme Court

Jul 19, 2016

Virginia’s Supreme Court is expected to rule soon on whether Governor Terry McAuliffe acted constitutionally when he restored voting rights for more than 200,000 ex-felons who had served their time in prison and on parole.   Sandy Hausman talked to one man who is hoping the court backs McAuliffe.

Associated Press

Members of the Virginia Supreme Court are considering a challenge to Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe’s executive order restoring voting rights to more than 200,000 former felons.

Associated Press

Cleveland and Philadelphia don’t make the list of America’s top 25 vacation destinations, but this month more than 7,000 people are excited to be going there – delighted by the idea of spending hours in a convention center talking politics.