In partnership with NPR, WVTF, and RADIO IQ, the New city Arts Initiative presents  VOCAL’s “Firewalkers” at the WVTF and RADIO IQ Studio Gallery.

In light of Charlottesville’s Festival of the Book in March, New City Arts hopes that this exhibit will fit nicely with all the local, literary buzz we eagerly  anticipate.

“Firewalkers” is project on telling, or rather re-telling, the story of those who have suffered from a mental health crisis and the personal transformation that followed. “We’ve all heard depressing stories about people experiencing mental health struggles, but we rarely hear about the growth and transformation that can come through this journey…. emotional turbulence and altered states; visionary meltdowns and spiritual breakthroughs; ecstatic visions and crazy blessings.”

Throughout March, VOCAL’s work will up at the WVTF and Radio IQ Studio Gallery at 216 West Water Street.

VOCAL is a nonprofit mental health community, support network, social change movement, and self-help education program. VOCAL would like to thank the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation and BAMA works for making this project possible.