Charlottesville Art Gallery

WHAT: Art Open House at our Charlottesville studio.

WHEN: Friday, October 6th from 5-7 PM

WHERE: WVTF and RADIO IQ Studio Gallery at 216 West Water Street

COST: Free

Food by FEAST!, Drinks by Bold Rock Cider

Nancy Jane Dodge: Subtleties of Nature

Nancy Jane Dodge seeks her inspiration in the covert hideaways of the natural world - those small gifts of discovery found in the less traveled wetlands, bogs, and meadows, and amid the shadows of the forest floor. 

Mysterious, animated, often carnivorous plant forms assumed by flora such as Pitcher Plants, Venus Flytraps and Closed Gentians are Dodge's current subjects of fascination. With their mouths open, and their gesturing postures they often strike intimate conversational poses, emphasizing the secrecy of their realm and the uninvited position of the interloper. 

Dodge is interested in the conservation and restoration of the wetlands, and uses her paintings as messengers on their behalf, to introduce us to their obscure and magical realm.