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Virginia is for lovers... of fruit. Last year farmers sold more than $63 million worth of apples, grapes, peaches and melons.  That makes us a magnet for hungry bugs and a major user of pesticides, but as Sandy Hausman reports, a team of college students may have a new method for preventing the problems those chemicals can cause.

When Cats Attack

Nov 23, 2016
hkase / Flickr

A new study from the Wildlife Center of Virginia could change the way some people care for their pets.  The center’s director is now urging people to keep outdoor cats inside.

Chris Gensic

While most of this state’s gardening gets done in the spring and summer, Virginia’s tree lovers have been busy this fall.  Sandy Hausman reports on an effort to plant 620,000 – one for each man who died in the Civil War.

AP Photo / Steve Helber

To those living on Virginia’s coastlines, discussions of climate change are no longer theoretical. Rising sea levels has real impact, right now. A report released this week by researchers at William and Mary predicts climate change could cost the Hampton Roads area more than $100 million in damages EACH year, if nothing is done.