Greene County Incident
1:18 pm
Thu January 8, 2015

Bill Might Halt Handcuffs On School Kids

Delegate Bell spent the last ten years of his teaching career in Special Ed.

Last fall's controversial handcuffing and shackling of a Greene County pre-schooler might have been prevented by a new bill that could soon make its way through the General Assembly.

Delegate Dickie Bell will introduce a measure calling on the state’s Education Department to regulate the use of restraints on students. His bill was already in the works when he heard that an officer had cuffed and shackled a four-year-old.

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Changes in Greek Life
8:07 am
Wed January 7, 2015

UVA President Accepts and Implements New Rules for Greek Life

UVA President Teresa Sullivan
Credit The University of Virginia

Fraternities and sororities at the University of Virginia will be operating under new rules when students return to campus Monday. 

President Teresa Sullivan has accepted suggestions from leaders of the Greek community, putting them into new agreements to be signed by each house. 

Among other things, fraternities must have at least three sober members during any event where alcohol is served.  They will be assigned to pour glasses of wine and to guard stairs leading to bedrooms.  

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Cultural and Agricultural Lessons
8:44 am
Mon December 29, 2014

UVA Students Heading to Cuba for a Unique Learning Experience

Credit Creative Commons

Now that President Obama has announced plans to normalize relations with Cuba, some people are planning a trip, and students from the University of Virginia could be among the first to visit since the White House announcement.  A look at  what they’ll be doing and why. 

Even before the administration said it would end a trade embargo on Cuba, 26 students from the Darden School of Business were packing their bags for a week of sun and research.  They leave from Miami early next year on board a charter flight.

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"No Kid Hungry"
8:39 am
Wed December 17, 2014

VA's First Lady Lends a Hand to End Child Hunger

Credit Drew Central Schools/Share our Strength

A new coalition involving Virginia's First Lady is already seeing results in the effort to reduce childhood hunger across the state. 

Organizers with the group Share Our Strength say their “No Kid Hungry” campaign is getting unprecedented attention from First Lady Dorothy McAuliffe. 

Josh Wachs, chief strategy officer with Share Our Strength, says that attention is already feeding some of the one sixth of Virginia's kids who sometimes don't get enough to eat. Wachs says the McAuliffes understand it's not a lack of food, but a lack of outreach and access.

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Moving Forward on Sexual Assault Policies
8:07 am
Thu December 11, 2014

Rolling Stone's UVA Piece: A Teachable Moment for Educators

Credit Rolling Stone Graphic

The story about an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia has raised a lot of issues.  One is what educators call, ‘a teachable moment.’ 

Katrina Powell is Director of Women's and Gender Studies at Virginia Tech and Associate Professor of English.

"We’ve been teaching these issues and talking about these issues with students for a long time. In fact, women’s and gender studies as a field was founded in part to try to raise awareness of these kinds of issues."

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