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One Virginia teacher got a very special surprise today — a $25,000 teaching award to be used in any way she wants.

A new report from the University of Virginia shows about ten percent of students in this state’s public schools are absent for three weeks or more each year, and in three large districts the rates were even higher. When Professor Luke Miller and his colleagues graphed the number of kids who were chronically absent from public schools in Richmond, Petersburg and Norfolk, they ended up with something resembling the letter U: “It’s high in pre-K, decreases towards the 5 th grade, and then it...

New Ways to Grade

Oct 17, 2016

Over the last 20 years we’ve seen a growing reliance on multiple choice tests to figure out how well students are learning and how well teachers are teaching. Now, however, public schools in Virginia are moving away from that approach, trying new ways to grade as Sandy Hausman reports. It’s Thursday morning in Mrs. Agee’s fifth grade class at Crozet Elementary – about 20 miles east of Shenandoah National Park. The kids have read a novel called Grandpa’s Mountain -- about how families living...

Virginia Department of Education

Strapped for cash, some public schools in Virginia are operating without a principal or a nurse, but the state’s board of education met today to discuss requiring those jobs be filled.

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There’s good news today for about 400,000 students planning to attend state colleges and universities in the fall. Tuition and fees are up 3.6% on average -- the lowest increase in 15 years.