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12/08/2017: Puppy migration and taxes

Dec 8, 2017

On this episode of Marketplace Weekend, a panel of experts talk taxes and answer questions from listeners. Plus, we look into supply and demand ... as it applies to rescue dogs moving out of the South. And NASA's Doug Wheelock discusses what it takes to be an astronaut. 

As the House and Senate consider their respective tax bills, both proposals raise questions about 401(k) savings accounts. As we've reported on Marketplace Weekend, one third of Americans have nothing put aside for retirement. Even so, it turns out, millions of dollars are being left unclaimed in abandoned 401(k) accounts. For more on why people are doing this, Lizzie O'Leary spoke with Charles Thorngren, CEO of investment firm Noble Gold.

How to be an astronaut

Dec 8, 2017

Everyone has a dream job growing up: doctor, vet, ice cream taste tester. But how do you actually get the gig? Marketplace Weekend is looking into how, with the occasional series, How to be a...

NASA astronaut Col. Doug Wheelock is starting off the series with his guide to becoming an astronaut. Wheelock has been an astronaut for 19 years. He's spent 178 days in space as a flight engineer and then a commander, and has completed six space walks totaling over 43 hours. 

Bonus: The Uncertain Hour season 2, episode 2

Dec 8, 2017

Ahead of your regularly scheduled episode of Marketplace this afternoon, we're bringing you the second episode of the new season of The Uncertain Hour. Starting where episode one left off, we find the government and consumer activist Ruth Desmond trying to answer an existential question: How many additives can you put into a jar of peanut butter before it's not peanut butter anymore? Trying to answer it kicked off a multiyear battle that changed the way we think about regulations in this country.

Brexit: U.K. businesses call for more clarity over deal

Dec 8, 2017

From our partners at the BBC:

More clarity on the Brexit transition is needed to stop companies proceeding with contingency plans despite the progress announced on Friday, the Confederation of British Industry has warned.

Paul Drechsler, president of the business lobby group, said companies had begun triggering plans months ago.

However, more detail could help suspend further action by firms, he said.