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D Gorenstein

February is Black history Month. March: National Nutrition Month and April? April is Distracted Driving Month, so named to draw attention to something that is nothing short of a public health crisis.

Nova Safo

Facebook is looking to grow its 1.6 billion monthly active user base by focusing on the infrastructure that carries the Internet.

The social networking giant is looking for growth in developing countries such as those on the African continent, but it has been hampered by networks that can be slow and expensive.

Politics, regulation and inferior infrastructure all play a role, said Mark Mahaney, an analyst with RBC Capital Markets.

"Anything they can do to remove friction between consumers around the world and the Internet benefits them," Mahaney said.

D Gorenstein

The nation’s most storied medical journal is facing criticism for failing to share enough data and for the way it handles errors. Those raising questions say the New England Journal of Medicine’s editorial policies make it less dependable than in the past.   

This is a fight over how to deliver the most reliable medical information.

Coming soon to your plate: Georgia oysters

Apr 27, 2016
Molly Samuel

Oysters already grow wild on Georgia’s coast, but they’re not those big, individual ones that restaurants usually serve. They grow in clusters, with lots of them stuck together. Great for throwing over a fire at an oyster roast, but not what people expect at a nice restaurant.

“The locals love them, they know how to deal with them,” Joe Maley said, who harvests oysters on the coast south of Savannah. “But get too far up the road and people go, ‘What’s that?’”


On today's show, we'll talk about Comcast's possible purchase of DreamWorks; criticism toward a celebrated medical journal's editorial policies; and SunEdison's bankruptcy filing.