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It didn't take Apple CEO Tim Cook long. He visited India for the first time just short of a year ago. Now comes word that Apple will begin assembling iPhones in Bangalore within a month or two. India is the world's second-largest smartphone market and growing fast. With China just about tapped out on expensive phones, the Indian market could hold the key to Apple's future growth. The potential for the tech company is huge. But the hurdles Apple needs to clear are pretty big, too. 

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So, no vote on the big GOP health care bill today. There might be one tomorrow, depending on whether you listen to the White House or to Republican leaders in Congress. The latest carrot they're using to win votes is scrapping an Obamacare provision that standardized insurance policies. We'll talk about "health care a la carte." Plus, a NAFTA thought experiment and the latest in our My Economy series.

03/23/17: When your government is a bank robber

Mar 23, 2017

Last week, 258,000 applied for unemployment benefits last week. While these numbers move around week to week, the latest figures indicate a large spike. Diane Swonk, the CEO of DS Economics, breaks down the causes of this increase, which include bad weather. Next, we'll talk about new research that looks at the connection between the mortality rate and job opportunities. And finally, we'll discuss North Korea's possible involvement in a mega bank heist at the New York Fed.

Mark Garrison

New research finds America’s education gap is increasingly a matter of life and death, and lack of job opportunity may be to blame.

A new Brookings Institution paper finds alarming midlife mortality increases for less-educated white Americans. It’s a topic with increasing relevance as policy questions swirl about how to create stable jobs that support families as well as presidential election results that reveal a swath of America deeply frustrated with their economic state.

In spite of a whole lot of predictions to the contrary, the movie industry is hanging in, even as competition for our attention grows. According to a new report from the Motion Picture Association of America, ticket sales in the U.S. and Canada were flat compared to last year. One bright spot – it turns out the movie industry is attracting a more diverse audience.

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