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Why mud cracks on Mars matter

Jan 19, 2017
Mark Garrison

The Mars rover Curiosity recently discovered what may be mud cracks on the surface of the planet — evidence that water existed on Mars billion of years ago.

The rover examined what looked like “slabs of rock cross-hatched with shallow ridges,” in an area called “Old Soaker,” according to NASA. These could be the first mud cracks confirmed by Curiosity, but the rover previously found evidence of ancient lakes on Mars in 2015.

Single-parent families could see higher taxes under Trump

Jan 19, 2017
David Brancaccio

Who benefits and who loses when the federal tax system gets an overhaul?  

New York University professor Lily Batchelder has looked at how Trump's tax plan might affect the individual's pocketbook, finding that tax cuts for the wealthy could end up being proportionally larger than those for low- and middle-class families. 

Batchelder, also once the deputy director of the National Economic Council, joined us to break down what his plan means for different income brackets. 

The following transcript has been lightly edited. 


Rick Perry is heading to Capitol Hill this morning for his Senate hearing on the role of energy secretary. We'll look at the issues that might come up during his session and then explain what the Energy Department actually does. Afterwards, we'll break down how Trump's tax plan will affect the country's different income brackets. 

John Jenkins

Inside a giant glass cube in the Vanderbilt Hall of Grand Central Station, two world-ranked squash players are running, swatting, lunging and turning on a dime as fans and travelers look on. Behind the scenes in the VIP room, sponsors are sharing drinks and talking business.

Ziad Al-Turki is the chairman of the Professional Squash Association (PSA) and a self-described Squash Junkie.

“We all laugh that we’re not squash players we’re squash users,” Al-Turki said.

01/19/17: The history of Mars

Jan 19, 2017

Thousands are heading to Washington for Trump's inauguration — many of them to protest the event. Rally, a tech platform that connects riders with transportation to big events, is getting a lot of business right now thanks to anti-Trump activists. Co-founder Siheun Song explains how the service works. Next, we'll step outside of the planet to look at evidence from Mars rover Curiosity about possible mud cracks on the planet, which could tell us something about the possible history of life there.