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How to get to space without NASA

Sep 22, 2016
Kai Ryssdal and Bridget Bodnar

There was a time in the not too distant past when space – the getting-there part, at least – was something that only super power nations had the resources to attempt. But in 1996, Peter Diamandis launched the XPRIZE – a monetary prize to be awarded to the first group of private citizens to reach suborbital space.

Non-GMO soybeans are a lot of work

Sep 22, 2016
Annie Baxter

In the late 90s, many farmers went all in on biotech crops, whose genetics have been tweaked to do things like repel insects or resist herbicides. Today, about 90 percent of the corn and soybeans grown in the U.S. are genetically modified.

But as crop prices falter, and some Americans express wariness about GMOs, farmers are increasingly interested in non-biotech crops.

Jack Bruns, a farmer in Valley City, North Dakota, is among them. About 10 years ago, he decided to grow some non-biotech soybeans. His motivation was simple: “To make more money!” he said.

Donna Tam

The Italian government is trying to combat criticism over an infertility campaign that protesters said is ignorant of the country’s economic problems, and racist and sexist to boot.

Italy tried to celebrate its first "Fertility Day," today, but was met with criticism over its flyer, the Associated Press reported. The advertisement had four white adults smiling on a beach to illustrate good habits, with a contrasting group of young people, including one black man, smoking to illustrate bad habits.

Marketplace for Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sep 22, 2016

On today's show: Charlotte's strong but unequal economy, Mark Zuckerberg's 84-year plan to tackle disease and making sense of Yahoo's massive data breach. Plus: How to get to space without NASA's help.

A possible data breach at Yahoo

Sep 22, 2016

On today's show, we'll talk about a possible Yahoo data breach; why Janet Yellen decided not to raise interest rates at the recent Fed meeting; and how Europe's tourism industry is doing amid fears over terrorism.