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What your internet service provider knows about you

Mar 19, 2018

I don’t know him all that well, but Cameron Camp knows a lot about me.

In just a few days, he’s collected 30 million records on me. We asked his company, ESET, to try and understand what information my internet company, my internet service provider, knows about me.

Camp sent me a device called a “packet sniffer,” which I hooked up to my computer and let him see pretty much everything I do online that’s not encrypted. He can see that I collaborate with a team, some of the websites I've visited and some of the articles that I’ve read. Some of it was really personal.

03/19/2018: The Fed isn't handing out candy anymore

Mar 19, 2018

(Markets Edition) Jerome Powell is set to chair his first interest rate meeting at the Federal Reserve this week, and you can expect rates to go up. We'll talk to economist Julia Coronado from MacroPolicy Perspectives about how the possibility of interest hikes — and America's new trade policies — is making the markets nervous. Afterwards, we'll look at how companies use coupons for name-brand drugs to steer customers away from purchasing lower-cost generics.

With Toys R Us closing its doors, what will happen to toy manufacturers that depended on the chain to display and sell everything from dolls to toy cars? What options do big toymakers like Mattel and Hasbro have, and what about smaller companies that looked to the retailer for shelf space? For companies in the toy game, a look at the next move.

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Merger of AT&T-Time Warner goes to court

Mar 19, 2018

AT&T’s proposed $84.5 billion bid to take over Time Warner goes before a federal judge beginning today . The Trump Justice Department is suing to block the mega-merger on antitrust grounds.

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03/19/2018: AT&T vs. the government

Mar 19, 2018

(U.S. Edition) AT&T's bid to buy Time Warner in an $85 billion deal is heading to court today. We'll look at why AT&T wants to make this move — and what some of the consequences could be if this deal goes through. Afterwards, we'll preview part of our interview with Timothy Geithner, former president of the New York Fed, about whether the government was right to rescue big banks back during the financial crisis.