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UK honors Jane Austen 200 years after death

Jul 18, 2017
Sam Beard

The Bank of England unveiled a new 10 pound note in Winchester on Tuesday. The date and the location of the unveiling were carefully chosen because adorning the new currency is an image of Jane Austen, who died 200 years ago on this day and is buried in the southern English city. 


Stalled health care reform efforts put strain on the dollar today, as investors in Asia and elsewhere started dumping the greenback. President Trump’s difficulty in getting his domestic policy agenda passed is one factor in the dollar's doldrums, but there are others.

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"The grid is in good shape," an Energy Department study draft says

Jul 18, 2017
Adrienne Hill and Scott Tong

It's no secret the Trump administration believes in fossil fuel "dominance.” Key to that belief is the idea that renewable energy is unreliable — that if coal-fired electricity keeps shrinking, the lights could one day go out. President Trump has suggested this, as have the heads of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. The DOE has been studying the question at the command of Secretary Rick Perry, and a draft of that study was leaked. Scott Tong from our Sustainability Desk joined host Adriene Hill to discuss it.

There's a whole lot of love for Howlin' Ray's Nashville-style hot chicken in LA

Jul 18, 2017
Adrienne Hill and Daisy Palacios

Howlin' Ray's in Los Angeles has brought Nashville-style hot chicken to the West Coast, and it's a pretty big deal here. Marketplace host Adriene Hill visited chef and owner Johnny Zone at the bustling spot, where the kitchen staff prepares hundreds of hot chicken plates and "sandos," or sandwiches, an hour before opening time. Meanwhile, a line of people wraps around the building, waiting for the doors to open. When they do, the wait can last more than two hours. It's enough to bring tears to your eyes, or is that the cayenne pepper? An edited transcript of the conversation follows. 

07/18/2017: No repeal, no replacement

Jul 18, 2017

After years of trying, the Republican-controlled Congress won't be replacing Obamacare or even repealing it with a replacement TBD. President Trump's new plan, he said today, is "just let Obamacare fail." Leaving aside that's quite a thing to say about a sixth of the economy, you might wonder how insurers are taking the news. Turns out, most of them don't make much money in the individual market anyway. We'll look at UnitedHealth, which is mostly out of the exchanges, but posted huge second-quarter earnings today.