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Fed Chair Janet Yellen: Wells Fargo's actions are "unacceptable"

Sep 21, 2017

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said the Fed is prepared to take action against Wells Fargo but won't say when. For its part, Wells Fargo said it’s committed to making things right for its customers and is eliminating sales goals for retail bankers in its branches and call centers.


(Markets Edition) The Fed didn't raise interest rates at its meeting yesterday, but it looks like it just might in December. But is that the best choice given the series of natural disasters that have been hitting the western hemisphere lately? Diane Swonk from DS Economics shares her thoughts with us. Afterwards, we'll look at whether the Fed will take any enforcement action against Wells Fargo following the bank's fake accounts scandal.

After the cart is full: working in e-retail

Sep 21, 2017

Veronica Mena is one of those people whose energy is practically contagious. She shouts “let’s do this!” to her fellow workers as she moves between conveyor belts and cardboard cartons. She peppers her own sentences with “let’s go” a lot. You get the feeling she could have an alternate career as a life coach.

“I like to motivate people,” said Mena, a packing supervisor for the e-retailer Boxed. “This is automation, and as you can see, we don't stop.  I'm like, let’s go, you can do this, I know you can do better."

If people are more worried about living in places with a high risk of flooding, hurricanes and wildfires, it hasn’t shown up in home prices.

During the housing recovery of the last five years, median home prices have risen 65 percent in areas with the biggest risk of natural disaster, compared to 45 percent overall, according to the 2017 Natural Hazard Housing Risk Index from ATTOM Data Solutions.

Mobile merger greenlight more likely now

Sep 21, 2017

Sprint and T-Mobile have tried to merge before, but federal regulators nixed the plan. The business climate under Trump may smooth the way for a deal.

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