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Frank Ocean and the business of really fancy music videos

Aug 25, 2016
Kai Ryssdal and Bridget Bodnar

Earlier this week, Frank Ocean released 17 songs as part of a new album, Blonde – his first in four years. But in the style a la Beyonce and Lemonade, Ocean also released a visual album called “Endless”…oh, an also, an oversized art magazine called “Boys Don’t Cry.” Multiple pop-up shops appeared in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and London.

Kai Ryssdal

Update: According to the Associated Press, authorities in Rio are charging Lochte with making a false robbery report.

Ryan Lochte lost all his big sponsorship deals after his idiocy down in Brazil during the Olympics. Today, you might say he's failing upward, or something.

What's behind Uber's $1.2 billion loss

Aug 25, 2016

You know what's worse than losing a million dollars? Losing a billion dollars.

But a report today says Uber managed to lose a billion dollars in just the first half of this year.

The Bloomberg report also says Uber isn't profitable in the U.S. this quarter, in part because of its ongoing price battles with rival Lyft.

Kai Ryssdal spoke with Marketplace's senior tech correspondent Molly Wood to see what's behind the loss. 

Like any business, revenue drop hurts RNC

Aug 25, 2016
Kim Adams

The Republican National Committee has had one of its worst fundraising months in recent years. There are many theories as to why: the candidate, the media, the donors, and more.

But no matter the reason, the truth is that the RNC is like any business; when there's less money coming in, there's less business it can do. That means fewer voter registration drives, fewer ads, and less staff support for the campaign of the party's presidential nominee — this election, that's Donald Trump.

Could we have prevented Zika?

Aug 25, 2016
Kai Ryssdal

Seems like there’s a new scary disease every year—two years ago Ebola’s hemorrhagic fever and this year Zika’s misshapen baby heads. Zoonotic diseases like these have cost the world billions of dollars and millions of lives.  Earlier this month, the CDC issued its first travel warning in the continental U.S for mosquito-born Zika in Miami Florida.