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Tony Wagner

Donald Trump couldn't make a better campaign ad.

A grainy cellphone video of management at Carrier, a heating and air conditioning company, telling a crowd of Indiana workers they will be laid off over the next few years as 2,100 manufacturing jobs are relocated to Mexico.

"Please quiet down," the executive says, as workers boo and heckle him.

Kai Ryssdal

One afternoon, in the spring of 2001 when she was 14 years old, Diane Guerrero came home from school to find that neither of her parents were there. Guerrero, a U.S. citizen and daughter of Colombian immigrants, is best known for her roles on Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black” and the CW’s “Jane the Virgin.”

This year’s Tony nominations are out, and "Hamilton" cleaned up with a record 16 nominations. If getting tickets used to be a long shot, it’s probably now next to impossible. But there are alternative means: You have to know a guy and know how to sweet talk him.

D Gorenstein

Here’s a key theory behind cutting health care costs: If consumers knew how much they'd have to pay for various medical services, they could be savvier shoppers, which would ratchet up competition among doctors and hospitals,  to cut prices.

So, employers and insurers created online tools to help folks distinguish costly providers from less expensive alternatives.

Are mall-based clothing retailers doomed?

May 3, 2016
Andy Uhler

The rise of fast fashion continues to hit mall-based retailers, especially as shopping malls seem less relevant.