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The cost of making honey

Sep 22, 2017

It’s a sweltering day near Missoula, Montana and commercial beekeeper Bert Wüstner is pulling honeycombs out of a beehive. His daughter is pumping smoke into the hive to keep the bees calm, but they’re swarming around my microphone, my bare legs, and I’m really hoping I don’t get stung. “You’re not nervous are you?” Wüstner said.  He shakes one of the combs and droplets of nectar fall out. “It shakes out just like rain,” he said. “That’s brand new honey.”

Nela Richardson of Redfin and Cardiff Garcia of FT Alphaville join us to discuss this week’s business and economic news. Senator John McCain announced Friday he’s a no-vote for the Graham-Cassidy health care bill. It seems to be the GOP’s last viable attempt at repealing the Affordable Care Act for now, so we discuss if it’s better for the economy that the health care debate is put on hold. Plus, we revisit the conversation around the tax reform package. 

Germans have traditionally been famously relaxed about the global dominance of the English language – unlike, say, the French.

But mass immigration to Germany and increasing globalization may be starting to change attitudes. Some Germans complain their language and culture are losing ground — even within Germany itself. And several politicians are now calling for a crackdown on the increasing use of English in German daily life. One said: “It drives me up the wall the way waiters speak only English in Berlin restaurants. ”

Brain injury revelations are nothing new for the NFL

Sep 22, 2017

Long-held concerns about football and concussions are back in the spotlight, after autopsy results for former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez show that the 27-year-old had significant brain damage when he committed suicide in prison, while serving a sentence for homicide. His family has announced plans to sue the NFL.

09/22/2017: Taxes, makeup, Gucci Mane

Sep 22, 2017

This week, we're talking tax reform with former Sen. Bill Brady, we'll answer your job-related questions with Ask A Manager’s Alison Green and head out with a makeup artist to check out Rihanna’s new Fenty Beauty product line. Plus, rapper Gucci Mane takes the Marketplace Quiz.

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