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Jana Kasperkevic

The trade relationship between the U.S. and Mexico might be a little rocky at the moment, but one thing is for sure: Americans drink a lot of tequila. And not just any tequila — we drink the good stuff.

For months, health website WebMD has been looking for a suitor. Today, it found one. The private equity giant KKR — Kohlberg Kravis Roberts — has struck a deal to buy the site for about $2.8 billion. But why was WebMD looking to be sold in the first place? 

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The International Monetary Fund on Monday downgraded its estimate of U.S. growth prospects. Only three months ago, the world financial body said it thought U.S. gross domestic product would grow by 2.3 percent this year and 2.5 percent next year. Now, it’s lowered its estimates to 2.1 percent. That’s bad news for the economy and the Trump administration, which has been using a growth rate of more like 3 percent in its budget and legislative proposals. Here’s why U.S. growth may be slowing.

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The part of Obamacare even Republicans like

21 hours ago

For as much as President Trump has pushed to repeal Obamacare, the administration is quietly moving ahead with several programs aimed to slow health care spending in Medicare and Medicaid. It turns out, as health care keeps gobbling up more and more of our economy, controlling costs is something everybody agrees is a problem.

Kai Ryssdal and Paulina Velasco

Fifty years ago yesterday, Detroit erupted in flames. The 1967 uprising in Detroit is the subject of a new Kathryn Bigelow movie coming out this summer. And Hollywood is not the only one focusing on the Motor City. We've been hearing for some time now about Detroit's downtown renewal — the artists moving into abandoned lofts, the urban gardens rejuvenating the city streets.