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Arts and culture

WHAT: An evening of storytelling, music, and more at one of Richmond's most storied theaters.

WHEN: Saturday, July 9th from 6:30 - 10:30

WHERE: The Hippodrome Theater, 528 North Second Street, Richmond 23219

Creative Commons/Ron Dollete

You can tell a lot about a culture from its cuisine: what it values, what challenges it faces. In Appalachia, where people have lived off the land for centuries, it was common practice to ‘eat local’ way before that was cool. Now that the rest of the world is trying to do the same, people are looking anew at this region’s cooking. Instead of seeing it as a food of poverty, some are suggesting it’s an undiscovered gem in American regional cooking.

"It's a great day to be alive in the Commonwealth": WVTF's first broadcast

Jun 7, 2016

WVTF's first broadcast happened in August of 1973, when the station was still operated by Virginia Western Community College. It was originally located on the second floor of Fishburn Hall on the VWCC campus.  In 1975, that transmitter was moved from Fishburn Hall to the top of Poor Mountain.

Truthful History Heals

Jun 1, 2016
artwork by Spencer Turner

Throughout Virginia, the conversation about confederate monuments is a sticky one.  So a new art exhibition in Richmond is making the conversation visual. It’s an effort to have more voices heard in the debate about the future of confederate statues on Monument Avenue. 

The Promise: Why Did Soering Confess?

Apr 25, 2016

The Making of a Murderer – a documentary that aired on Netflix – cast doubt on the guilt of a man convicted of murder in Wisconsin and raised questions about law enforcement and the justice system there.  Now, Virginia is coming under the microscope with a film premiering in June.