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Arts and culture

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts has collected the works of hundreds of artists, but it wants to make sure the talent keeps coming. That’s why they’ve again awarded thousands of dollars in fellowships to 26 student and professional artists.

For 75 years, the VMFA has lent support to artists -- $4,000 for undergraduates, $6,000 for graduate students and $8,000 for professionals, and some people have won all three – among them, Lexington painter Cy Twombly and filmmaker Vince Gilligan who went on to make Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

Black Leaders on Leadership

Mar 13, 2015

You might not expect Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to have anything in common with Angela Davis, a counterculture activist and radical in the1960s, but a unique program at the University of Virginia finds qualities that many black leaders share.

The arts have a unique ability to embrace complexity; to hold a variety of ideas at once. They can foster exploration not always possible through other routes. That’s the idea behind the Islamic Worlds Festival at Virginia Tech’s Center for the Arts, which opens next month. 

"There’s such a cultural clinging to tradition that is both admirable and sometimes problematic, but that’s in every culture; if you hold too strongly to tradition."

We recently had regional musicians Larry Hall and Marvin Harlow on the show. Larry Hall has played with The Stanley Brothers, Clinton King, Reno & Smiley, and Bill Monroe and now performs with his own band, Larry Hall and the Virginia Mountaineers. Marvin Harlow is also an established musician - they performed a few songs for us and talked some bluegrass with host Kinney Rorrer.  

Back to the Blue Ridge Live Show - Spring 2015

Mar 9, 2015

Join James Leva and his band, as well as Johnny and Jeanette Williams and their band, as they perform in WVTF's Roanoke studio in front of a live audience for the 2015 Spring fund drive.