Barrie Humphries

In partnership with NPR, WVTF, and RADIO IQ, the New City Arts Initiative brings you recent work by a local photographer, Barrie Humphries.

For the month of December, the WVTF and RADIO IQ Studio Gallery will host “Come Home, Nancy”– recent photographs by local photographer, Barrie Humphries. The gallery is located at 216 West Water Street, Charlottesville. (downtown, across from Eloise).

This body of work explores the space of a house as a real home, seeped in memory and meaning. Barrie’s other work was most recently exhibited in “PCA Presents: Women in the Arts” exhibit at McGuffey this past summer. Additionally, Barrie has worked alongside local photographers, Meredith Montague, Sarah Cramer Shields, and Pam Pecchio, over the past few years.

This exhibit was a part of the Buy Art, Give Art campaign. At the exhibit opening, Barrie sold 5 of the 12 exhibited works!

Featured image: “Come Home, Nancy”, 2010, 16 x 16″, Archival pigment print.