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The company that provides airline service between the Shenandoah Valley and Charlotte is at risk of losing its federal subsidy because of performance issues. And, some members of Bristol City Council are upset about people who criticize them anonymously on the internet. Those have been among the most read stories over the past week on the Virginia Public Access Project's Va News link at


Kroger, the grocery store chain, is set to roll out a new milk jug that uses considerably less plastic; a design that was tested by a Virginia company in Lynchburg.

Mallory Noe-Payne / RADIOIQ


The conversation about how best to memorialize Virginia’s history of slavery has been going on for years. But Richmond took a big step last fall when they announced a contract with a DC based architecture firm to build a memorial. Now that firm is ready to get to work. 

Changing Weather Sparks Fear for Fruit Farmers

Mar 5, 2017

Virginians have enjoyed an unusually warm winter, with temperatures rising into the 70’s and 80’s in some places, but for the state’s fruit farmers it’s been a nightmare – raising fears of crop damage in the weeks to come. 

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Virginia Democrats are raising concerns that the GOP effort to unwind regulations could have consequences for Virginia's environment. Matt Laslo has the story from the Capitol.


This week, the U.S. Supreme Court said a lower court should re-examine the redistricting efforts of Virginia’s Republican-led legislature. That prompted Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe to ask Republicans give up the fight and work together on nonpartisan redistricting.

J. Scott Applewhite / AP

Virginia Democrats are raising concerns that the GOP effort to unwind regulations could have consequences for Virginia's environment.

Some news organizations recently reported that a boycott against Trump wines, made here in Virginia, had backfired.  In this age of fake news, it turns out there is more to the story. 

Legal Aid Justice Center

For 50 years, Virginia’s Legal Aid Justice Center has been working to assure that poor people get a fair shake under the law.  Now, the organization says it’s launching a new program to identify the biggest problems with this state’s legal system. 

New Exhibit Explores Toys of the 1950s, 60s and 70s

Mar 2, 2017
Courtesy of the Virginia Historical Society


Remember the toy lite-brite? How about slinkies, or matchbox cars? Items from our childhood can evoke a real sense of time, place and nostalgia. Now you can see all those classic toys, and more, at The Virginia Historical Society’s latest exhibit in Richmond. 


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