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In November voters in Richmond overwhelmingly supported a change to the city’s charter, pressuring leaders to come up with a plan to fully renovate city schools. This week, Virginia’s Governor signed that ballot measure into law. That means the clock is now ticking for the Mayor’s office.

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In the last few decades, the number of cesarean section births has skyrocketed, and many leaders in the medical community feel it’s at a crisis level. But one hospital in Northern Virginia may have come upon a way of solving the problem.

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As Democrats across Virginia prepare to head to the polls in June, they will be choosing between candidates who are taking a variety of positions on impeaching President Trump.

Concussions in Women

Apr 4, 2018
University of Virginia

A new study from the University of Virginia suggests female athletes are more likely to suffer concussions than men, and recovery could take longer.

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Rural Virginia hospitals may end up playing a significant role in the ongoing debate over Medicaid expansion.

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It's been 50 years since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Many remember him as a proponent of peace, but Wornie Reed, a King, race and social policy expert at Virginia Tech, says history has “whitewashed” the civil rights leader.

The University of Virginia

It’s no secret that students who come from wealthy families enjoy certain advantages when they come to college. Often they’ve gone to good high schools and had extra-curricular activities that prepared them for higher education. A UVA professor studied more than 40 students at a major Midwestern university over four years and concluded there’s another plus for rich kids.

The Nature Conservancy

Federal maps of flood plains in the U.S. are dated and incomplete, so the Nature Conservancy has launched a massive study to determine the real risks of flooding in this country.  More than a million Virginians could face damage or destruction by 2050 if planners don’t stop putting people in harm’s way.

The Trump administration has announced plans to roll back fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas standards for American cars, claiming this is what automakers want and need, but a Virginia man who proved his expertise in creating a fuel efficient car says these changes will end up hurting the industry in the long run.

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After the shooting at a Florida high school, Republican leadership in Virginia’s General Assembly created a bipartisan workgroup on school safety. The group hasn’t even met yet, but Virginia Democrats are already criticizing it for not tackling gun control. Now, Democrats are starting their own group.


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