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Lawmakers in Virginia remain divided over how former felons should get the right to vote back. It’s a debate that has deep roots in Virginia history, not all of it pleasant. 

Recycling Shells to Support New Oysters

Mar 8, 2017

The Chesapeake Bay was once a world center for oyster production, but those beloved bi-valves have fallen on hard times.  Pollution took a toll, and baby oysters missed their favorite places to grow. Now, an army of volunteers has teamed up with about a hundred restaurants and grocery stores to boost the population of Virginia oysters. 

National Weather Service Blacksburg

Have you ever been curious about the cleanup efforts that go on after a severe weather event, like a tornado? Nick Gilmore recently got a look behind the scenes of the surveying process that the National Weather Service goes through following a storm and filed this report.

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In the next few weeks, Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe is about to break a record — he’ll be vetoing more bills than any other governor in Virginia history. Michael Pope has this look at the governor who held the record until now. 

Virginia’s Rainy Day Fund Drops by 75% in 11 Years

Mar 8, 2017
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Virginia lawmakers and the Governor just wrapped up the state’s latest budget -- and it was no easy task. Because Virginia had lower than expected tax revenues, they had to find ways to close a $1.5 billion gap. And while they managed to do it, some critics say they didn’t do enough to address the underlying issues.  

Advocates for women’s rights rallied Republican Delegate Ben Cline’s law office in Lexington on Friday. They were protesting bills he introduced, to defund Planned Parenthood and to designate January 22 a “Day of Tears” to encourage Virginians to mourn abortion.  Three Rockbridge County High School girls organized the action; One of them, a rising country music star who plays in the heart of Trump country. 

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Across Virginia, an unprecedented wave of candidates is emerging to take on Republicans this fall in elections for the state legislature. Those elections could be an early test on whether Democrats can harness the energy building against the Trump administration and focus it locally. 


A Gold star father who scolded candidate Donald Trump at the Democratic National Convention for failing to read the constitution may now be in trouble with the federal government.


The case of a transgender teen from Virginia is headed back to the U.S. District Court in Richmond after the Supreme Court refused to hear it.  Sandy Hausman reports on why the high court took that action and how the lower court may rule.

Black Restaurant Week Kicks Off in Richmond

Mar 6, 2017
Kelley Libby

Today kicks off Black Restaurant Week in Richmond. The city’s Office of Minority Business Development is encouraging the public to support the event, which promotes Richmond tourism and the city’s diverse food culture.


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