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Virginia waited more than a decade for federal funds to build two nursing homes for veterans. But when the money never came, the General Assembly forged ahead on its own, setting aside almost $100 million state dollars for the projects.



Fogel Trial for Assault Delayed

Jun 7, 2017

A candidate for Commonwealth’s Attorney in Charlottesville was in court this morning to defend himself against a charge of assault, but Jeff Fogel is so well known in legal circles that his trial must be postponed. 

Every year Virginia honors a teacher of the year, selecting a winner from nominees in counties all over the state.  This year, in Montgomery County, they’ve taken it a step further and chosen a ‘pre-school teacher of the year.'  But that’s as far as it goes because there’s no state level recognition in this category. As Robbie Harris reports, that says something about how society values early child hood education.  

A meeting of Charlottesville’s city council began with a squabble but ended with surprising solidarity.  Sandy Hausman reports that members voted unanimously for new names to replace Lee and Jackson Parks.

Today we hear from Ed Gillespie, former chairman of the Republican National Committee. Gillespie is one of three Republicans vying to replace Democrat Terry McAuliffe. Before a campaign event in Richmond, Gillespie sat down with reporter Mallory Noe-Payne. He laid out his plan to strengthen Virginia’s economy, beginning with a tax cut to individuals and small businesses.

Prison or Mental Health Facility?

Jun 6, 2017
Dave Nakayama / Creative Commons

The death of an inmate who suffered from mental illness at the Hampton Roads jail has prompted a series of changes in Virginia, but sheriffs remain concerned that jails have become de facto mental institutions.

Corey Stewart is the Chairman of the Board in Prince William County, the second largest  county in Virginia. A Tea Party Republican, he’s a strong proponent of gun rights, a passionate opponent of abortion, and - in an election some view as a referendum on Donald Trump - Stewart told Sandy Hausman he’s definitely in the President’s corner.

Virginia Cities Top List of Millennial Growth

Jun 6, 2017
J. Scott Applewhite / AP


It’s no surprise that millennials are flocking to America’s cities. But it may be a surprise which urban centers top the list. New data shows two Virginia cities are the most popular destinations in the country. Mallory Noe-Payne has more.


Tom Perriello is one of two Democrats running for governor in Virginia. He’s running against current lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam. Perriello, a former Congressman from Charlottesville, is a relative outsider to state politics. But he’s been barnstorming the state, taking his pitch for progressive ideas like free community college and universal pre-K, straight to Virginians.

The Ever-Rising Cost of Tuition in Virginia

Jun 5, 2017
Paul Kurlak / Creative Commons

Ask voters what issues they are concerned about on the campaign trail, and one that comes up again and again is the cost of college debt. Michael Pope reports that’s because of a sharp increase in the cost of college.


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