The University of Virginia’s main library is preparing for a major renovation, and while the work is going on many books will be stored in a new location.  A few will be digitized or sent to special collections, and the older ones have been checked for surprising contents. Sandy Hausman has that story.

Just when you think you’ve had it with this year’s Stink Bug infestation, there’s a new invasive insect on the horizon in Virginia.  Scientists say, not much could be done to eradicate it if it takes hold, but there are ways to stop it from spreading.  

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Sanctuary cities became one of the hottest issues in the campaign last year. Now it’s become one of the most divisive issues in the General Assembly.

Pamela D'Angelo

Big poultry on the DelMarVa Peninsula began by accident when  homemaker Cecile Steele was shipped 500 chicks to raise instead of the 50 she ordered. She kept them, made a profit and ordered a thousand the next year. And so, an industry was born and has been growing ever since.

But the hundreds of thousands of tons of manure produced each year so close to the Chesapeake Bay worries residents of Virginia's Eastern Shore.

Richmond Raises Meals Tax to Pay for New Schools

Feb 13, 2018
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Virginia’s capital city is raising its meals tax. The money is earmarked to help fix the city’s crumbling schools. Richmond City Council voted late Tuesday night 7 to 2. It was a long and contentious meeting.

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Should local governments be able to restrict which drivers can make turns? Lawmakers in Richmond are debating it, and Michael Pope is at the Capitol with the latest.

Virginia’s Governor is calling for a full expansion of Medicaid, the state run health insurance program for the poor. But many Republicans in the statehouse don’t like the idea of able bodied adults, no matter how poor, getting government-funded healthcare.

So they’re eyeing something else: a more narrow expansion of the program.

(AP Photo/Steve Helber)

The halls of power in Richmond are loaded with new members after the wave election in November. But  that doesn’t mean their proposals are seeing much success.

Virginia Public Access Project

Police and sheriff's departments in southwest Virginia are feeling the strain of transporting patients to mental hospitals, and Virginia's technology-rich Loudoun County has gone on the attack after seeing its population called “ignorant hillbillies” in an FBI text message.

Mallory Noe-Payne / RADIOIQ

There’s a push to get students excited about computer science and tech. A new public high school in Richmond is tapping into that trend. But the school, called CodeRVA, isn’t just relying on innovative curriculum. It’s also an entirely different model of teaching, where school is a workplace.


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