Pamela D'Angelo

After nearly a decade of work, the once-polluted, urban Lafayette River in Norfolk is rebounding. The Elizabeth River Project and Chesapeake Bay Foundation will build just five more acres of oyster reefs to become Virginia's first river to meet Chesapeake Bay oyster restoration goals. Last week, federal, state and local legislators celebrated with community activists, but remain concerned that the president's budget has zeroed out all bay cleanup funding.

Virginia Public Access Project

The Henrico County Fire Department says it was purely accidental when it recently achieved a first in employment diversity and Virginia's famous Natural Bridge is also a working highway bridge, one that's causing some safety concerns. Those have been among the most read stories over the past week at the Virginia Public Access Project's VA News link.

Protestors Overwhelm KKK Rally

Jul 8, 2017

About fifty members of the Ku Klux Klan staged a rally in Charlottesville Saturday over planned removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee, but they were surrounded by a massive crowd demanding they go home.  Sandy Hausman was there and filed this report.

Officials had asked the public to stay away, the weather was uncomfortably hot, and there were alternative events including a free concert and talks at the African American Heritage Center where director Andrea Douglas was pleasantly surprised.

Massive Cville Protest Surrounds KKK Rally

Jul 8, 2017

Several protesters were arrested after clashing with police, but a widely publicized rally by the KKK in Charlottesville  ended without violence.  Hundreds of protestors gathered to greet about 50 members of the Klan who arrived nearly an hour late and had to be escorted by police to a small fenced area under an old oak tree.

They stood near a statue of Robert E. Lee that the city plans to remove.  The Klansmen complained that doing so would "erase history," denying the honor they feel should be accorded Confederate leaders.

City of Charlottesville

Charlottesville is bracing for a Ku Klux Klan rally tomorrow. The KKK permit was for one hundred participants, but with spectators, police say as many as 800 people could be in Justice Park.

Images Courtesy of VAVP


Police in Lynchburg are currently investigating the murder of Ebony Morgan, a transgender woman. Morgan had been shot multiple times before she was found and taken to the hospital last Sunday. But Morgan is not the first transgender victim in Virginia, and it has the region’s LGBTQ community shaken. 




Understanding Lynchburg's Unemployment Rate

Jul 7, 2017
Creative Commons

Unemployment is down across Virginia, although the numbers vary between metropolitan areas. Michael Pope is digging into the data.

Va. Dept. of Corrections

Despite requests for clemency, Virginia executed 35-year-old William Morva Thursday night. Morva was convicted of killing a security officer and a sheriff’s deputy in 2006, but his lawyers say he suffered from serious mental illness. 

When a Ku Klux Klan Rally Taught Fear

Jul 6, 2017
William Arthur Swift/ Courtesy of Ball State University


Charlie Russell grew up on the west-side of Indianapolis in the 1950's. In his all-black neighborhood the racial violence of the south that he saw on television felt far away. While he had experienced discrimination, he had never experienced fear.  That changed, though, when he was in college in the blue-collar town of Muncie Indiana and the KKK held a rally. 

Tom Woodward/Creative Commons

Justices are siding with car-title lenders in their fight to keep key aspects of their business a secret. 


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