Could Courts Stop The Pipelines?

Jul 17, 2017

Last week, Virginia’s Supreme Court upheld a state law that allows natural gas companies to survey private property without the owner’s permission for a proposed pipeline, but legal experts say landowners could still block construction as Sandy Hausman reports.

Image: Solarize Blacksburg

For most electricity consumers, it's a one way street. Your utility sells it to you and you pay your bill each month based on how much you use.   But that’s changing.  Soon, rooftop solar producers could play a role in making the power grid more resilient to outages. Robbie Harris reports. 

Gillespie Rolls Out Plan for Veterans

Jul 17, 2017
Steve Helber / AP

Republican candidate for Governor Ed Gillespie was in Norfolk today, unveiling a suite of proposals to help Virginia’s veterans.

Virginia Public Access Project

Neighbors have marched in protest and a congressman has gotten involved after federal officials euthanized more than 100 geese in Virginia Beach...and an accidental injury to a pet turtle has given Virginia researchers a chance to accomplish something  never done before.  

Voters will have more choices in this year’s election for the House of Delegates than they have ever had before.

Gerry Broome / AP


North Carolina is making moves on a project it’s had in the works for decades: a new bridge that would make it easier for Virginians to access the Outer Banks.

Roanoke Teen To Lobby For Diabetes Research Funding

Jul 14, 2017
Jeff Bossert

A young athlete and straight-A student from Roanoke gets a chance this month to talk about something a little more personal.  Kiera Realmuto is among more than 150 young people living with Type 1 Diabetes who will visit the nation's capital this month, with hopes for a better tomorrow, and ultimately, a cure.

AP Photo / Alex Brandon

One Virginia Democrat is proposing a sweeping overhaul to how the nation’s congressional districts are drawn. Correspondent Matt Laslo has the details from Washington on a bill that could take the politics out of how the nation’s lawmakers are chosen.

MBandman / Creative Commons

One lawmaker from the Southwest corner of Virginia is pushing a plan to create tax breaks in some of the poorest parts of the state. But as Michael Pope reports, implementing that plan would blast a giant hole in the budget.

  The Virginia Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the company developing the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in a lawsuit against a woman who sought to keep surveyors off her property.


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