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The major party candidates for governor met for a televised debate Tuesday night.  They sparred over taxes, healthcare and Confederate monuments, among other topics.

AP Photo / Michael Conroy, File

Following the latest twists and turns in the ongoing saga of the Affordable Care Act can be difficult. As Michael Pope reports, that’s because the story has more twists and turns than a soap opera.

Education Programs Aim to Keep Migrant Families Together

Sep 19, 2017
Pamela D'Angelo

Each year migrant workers travel up the coast spending part of the season in Virginia's tomato and potato fields and poultry houses. Moving means their children miss school, so federal grants allow states to fund summer school programs to keep them caught up. The Eastern Shore has Virginia's largest population of migrant workers, but a majority are no longer able to bring their families.

Virginia Kids' Unique Gift to Hurricane Harvey Victims

Sep 18, 2017

Millions of Americans have chipped in, sending checks to help the victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.  In Charlottesville, a group of 4th graders found another way to assist as Sandy Hausman reports.

David Seidel

Civil Rights pioneer Jesse Jackson is on a three day voter registration tour of Virginia.  But Monday morning in Roanoke, he also had a message for current voters who may be disenchanted after last November’s election: Keep voting.

AP Photo / Steve Helber

Virginia’s two major party candidates will go head to head Tuesday night in a prime-time face off, a televised debate that indicates the official start of the hottest part of campaign season. Libertarian candidate Cliff Hyra will not be participating in the debate, but he will be on the ballot in every jurisdiction.

New Film Profiles Roanoke's 'Mad Men' (and Women)

Sep 18, 2017
Todd Marcum

Through most of Roanoke’s 130-plus year history, businesses have been using advertising to get your attention.  A new documentary profiles a talented pool of executives, their legacy of work, and even the jingles you may remember.

Virginia Public Access Project

Interest in hunting appears to be on the decline in Virginia. And, when local government offices decide to stop processing passport applications things get less convenient for people planning to travel. Virginia's Augusta County is a recent example. Those have been among the most read stories over the past week on the Virginia Public Access Project's Va News link at

Mallory Noe-Payne / RADIOIQ


About half a dozen Neo-Confederates came from out of state to Richmond Saturday, stirring tensions and drawing hundreds of counter protesters. Many of the anti-racism protesters began their day at a unity rally at the city’s Maggie Walker monument.

Listen: On Monuments, Race and Reconciliation in Richmond

Sep 17, 2017
Steve Helber / AP


In Richmond this weekend a small Confederate heritage rally brought out hundreds of counter protesters. While there were plenty of shouting matches and chanting, many Richmond residents watched more quietly, thinking long and hard about Confederate monuments in their city.


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